Lost Places – Secret Worlds


They are places of history, forgotten, threatened and threatening at the same time. Built of steel, blasted into rock, cast in concrete: former monuments of great historical eras come to life again. These places are also full of personal stories that are told to us by contemporary witnesses. Very personal memories of natural catastrophes, wars or global supergaus, to which the monuments and places, and not infrequently also people, fell victim. In four episodes we visit twelve such “lost places”: military bases, showpiece buildings, tourist paradises and sanatoriums. Through the people who once lived and worked here, we rediscover these mysterious places.

Episode 1: American Dream
Episode 2: Soviet Shadows
Episode 3: Lost Empire
Episode 4: Broken Brotherhood

“Lost Places – Secret Worlds” is available in the ZDF Mediathek.

Florian Dedio Yousif Al-Chalabi Yousif Al-Chalabi Alexey Federor Lars Löhn Daniel Paul Bier Julia Goschke Stefanie Gimpel Ron Glavas Stefan Bomhof, Nadine Mayer Stefan Bomhof Susanne Krause-Klinck, Christian Deick, Lisa Borgemeister, ZDF ZDF Deutschland, Kroatien, USA, Japan, Kanada, Montserrat 4x 45 Min./52 Min. 23.08.2020, 8:15 p.m., ZDFinfo
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