Letzes Kapitel


After the tragic accidental death of their friend Martin, Volker and Achim send the manuscript of his first detective story to a publisher. The novel is published and actually becomes a bestseller. However, in Volker’s name. Volker buys Achim’s silence with the first cheque from the publisher. The publisher is pushing for a sequel. Volker makes Achim his ghost writer to write a second novel, while he enjoys his life as a new literary superstar. At that time, Achim meets Nora and falls in love with her. Nora, who has a talent for organising, soon becomes indispensable for both – Achim and Volker. She coordinates Volker’s appointments and takes over the tedious negotiations with the publisher. And she keeps the big secret. Soon Volker buys a big house on the Baltic Sea coast where Achim is to work in peace. But the lonely house only deepens the tensions between Achim and Volker. And Nora’s part in all of it is getting more and more obscure.

Klaus Bassiner, ZDF
Silvia Lambri
Marcus Rosenmüller, Irene Rodrian, Kris Karathomas Marcus Rosenmüller Jörg Eger Moritz Hansen Dirk Hermes Sybille Rohde Klaus Merkel Peter Bausch Antje Gebauer Nanni Gebhardt-Seele Raimund Vienken Bo Rosenmüller 01. Februar - 11. März 2005 Heiligendamm, Berlin 7. Mai 2005 Nadja Auermann, Benjamin Sadler, Nicki v. Tempelhoff, Ilknur Boyraz, Hans Klima, Dieter Moor
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