Länder, Menschen, Abenteuer
Cowboytreck mit nassen Füßen
– Durch Brasiliens Pantanal


The Brazilian Pantanal is one of the world’s largest tropical wetland areas. For some six months of the year a territory half the size of France is flooded. The film team accompanies cowboys on their way through the Pantanal with around 100 cattle. Taking up to 80 days, the arduous journey takes them from farm to farm, collecting cows on the way to a central auction.

Lourdes Picareta Florian Pfeiffer Birgit Köster Moritz Widmann Jörg Kunkel Andreas Knoblauch Dr. Thomas Schuhbauer Ulrike Becker, Stefanie von Ehrenstein, SWR Ulrich Lenze SWR and arte July 2004 to August 2004 2005, SWR
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