Wie geht das? -Die perfekte Illusion – Der König der Löwen


Since 2001 more than 11 million people went to see the musical “The Lion King” which is the most successful and the longest-running show in Hamburg – and the visitors keep coming! The musical-industry is an important economic factor for the city because the audiences spend over 600 million € in Hamburg each year. And the industry is also one of the most important employers.
With about 2000 visitors per night nothing is left to chance, the backstage procedures have to work out perfectly. Eight times a week 56 actors bring the Serengeti to life- how does that work?
How do the numerous extras get into character? How does the complex stage set work? Who looks after the splendid costumes? How can the show go on, even when the electrics fail? And how do the numerous viewers get to the other side over the River Elbe each night? We look behind the scenes of the musical production.

Bettina Pohlmann Boris Mahlau, Peter Janßen Jochen C. Müller Lydia Mutschmann Ron Glavas Andrea Mokosch, Nina Steinert Dagmar Rosenbauer Birgit Schanzen August 2017 09/13/2017 6:15 pm NDR
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