SPORTreportage: No bid on Schalke – financial roundabout offside


In the Corona crisis, FC Schalke 04 alerted the whole German football nation with reports of imminent insolvency due to existential bottlenecks. In fact, even in the Ruhr area, few football fans realize the precarious situation into which the decades-long strategy of constantly incurring new debts has brought Germany’s largest registered football club. With their backs to the wall, the club management is now shocking fans and experts with, among other things, the dismissal of bus drivers from the junior department and lofty investor plans in the middle of the biggest global economic crisis of all time. The film reveals how Schalke got into this difficult situation.

Luca Stradmann, Klaus Fiedler Frank Bochtler Frank Poser Ron Glavas Stefan Bomhof ZDF Dr. Yorck Polus 23.08.2020, 17:10 Uhr, ZDF
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