Götter in Weiß


Dr. Anna Hellberg (Claudia Michelsen), surgeon at a clinic, plays the central role in this medical thriller. She lives in a house in the Mecklenburg lake district with her husband Gunnar (Jan Messutat), who is a doctor at the same clinic, and her son Philipp (Oskar von Schönfels). Anna is put under pressure by her workload and a new controller, who is supposed to optimize processes at the clinic. After ten-year-old Leah (Hedda Erlebach) has an allergic reaction to antibiotics that Anna didn’t even give her and has an anaphylactic shock, Anna begins to follow the clinic’s everyday failures more carefully. Has she kept silent for too long at the sight of dirty operation tables, tolerated the carelessness of the system? Anna learns that life-threatening incidents are piling up and not being taken seriously or even being hushed up. The more unpleasant truths Anna discovers, the more she is isolated and treated with hostility. Her only support comes from Franziska (Anneke Kim Sarnau), a surgical nurse.

Andrea Frischholz, Jörg Tensing Elmar Fischer Philipp Sichler Christoph Köpf Diana Dietrich Wolfgang Arens Eva Lopez Echegoyen Claudia Michelsen, Jan Messutat, Sebastian Rudolph, Anneke Kim Sarnau, Stefan Ruppe, Antonio Wannek, Silke Matthias u.a. Big Peper Holger Heinßen Sabine Holtgreve Doris Büning Dagmar Rosenbauer 27.09. - 27.10.2016 TV-Movie / 90 Min. Plau am See/ Mecklenburg- Vorpommern, Berlin NDR
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