Jedes Jahr im Juni

MDR, Arte

In 1971, young housewife Elke (Katharina Wackernagel) from Bavaria visits the GDR and falls in love with carpenter Gregor (Peter Schneider). But there is a big problem: both are married and have children. Elke lives in the FRG, Gregor in the GDR. The German-German border prevents regular communication. Only once a year there is a chance to live their mutual love: far away from political pressure they experience passion and inner freedom. As time changes, so do they – going through problems at home and at work changing them on the in- and the outside. As the Berlin Wall falls, the borders protecting their relationship from the harsh realities of everyday life and boredom fall as well. Elke and Gregor need to decide whether there is a future together without the Wall.

Silke Zertz Markus O. Rosenmüller Roman Nowocien Vessela Martschewski Petra Albert Gudrun Schretzmeier Ed Cantú Sylvia Ribback, Barbara Zschetzsche Bo Rosenmüller Thomas Schwetje, Thilo Mittelstraß (mdr) Dagmar Rosenbauer, Cinecentrum Gloria Burkert, Burkert/Bareiss Development Wolfgang Voigt, MDR Barbara Häbe, Arte Katharina Wackernagel, Peter Schneider, Kathrina Spiering, Matthias Walter, Sebastian Nakajew u.v.a. 14.08 - 12.09.2012 Sachsen-Anhalt, Thüringen und Prag MDR/Arte
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