In the Crosshairs of the Cosa Nostra – The Sicilian Mafia in Germany (WT)

in Production ZDFinfo

The Sicilian Cosa Nostra is considered to be the origin of all Mafia gangs, and as an internationally operating criminal organization, it prefers to operate in Germany. Protection rackets, arms and drug trafficking, and the lucrative infiltration of the construction industry are currently considered the most important sources of income for the Cosa Nostra in Germany. The Mafiosi still enforce their interests with archaic rites such as blood feuds and vows of silence.

Klaus Fiedler Frank Bochtler Frank Poser Julia Goschke Ron Glavas Stefan Bomhof Markus Goldschmitt, Christian Deick ZDFinfo n.n.b. 1 x 45 Min. n.n.b.
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