Humboldts Erben
Die Jagd nach den Feuerzwergen


Eine Reihe von Gisela Graichen

On the trail of explorer Alexander von Humboldt one discovers the secrets of a sacred mountain, searches for the origin of a deadly virus or the ruins of a lost civilization.

Die Jagd nach den Feuerzwergen

What was it like when the earth came into existence? How could life start from boiling, fire-spewing “primordial cosmic soup”? In Chile, 5,000 metres above sea level, amongst the world’s highest volcanoes and the Atacama Desert, scientists are searching for Archaea – the smallest living creatures that survived extreme conditions and first populated our planet. They still survive in sulphur sources and crevasses till this day. Did they come from space and bring about life on Earth?

In cooperation with the German Research Community.

Gisela Graichen Andreas Orth Roland Breitschuh Holger Schmidt, Jens Warnecke Mark Bremer Andreas Latz Mareen Witte, Donald Jenichen Gudrun Ziegler Ulrich Lenze ZDF, 2000 07.January 2001, ZDF
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