Humboldts Erben
Die aus dem Weltall kommen


A series by Gisela Graichen

On the trail of explorer Alexander von Humboldt one discovers the secrets of a sacred mountain, searches for the origin of a deadly virus or the ruins of a lost civilization.

Die aus dem Weltall kommen

Inside the “blue eye of the planet”, deep down in Lake Baikal, scientists are collecting neutrinos using a special telescope. These minute particles from outer space are able to pass through any material: the earth, our skin…

Neutrino research has a ground-breaking importance for detecting and understanding fundamental events in space, happening thousands of light years away. Lake Baikal also provides perfect research conditions for scientists from all over the world. An expedition in winter and summer into remote Siberia.

In cooperation with the German Research Community.

Gisela Graichen Jens Dücker Holger Schüppel Marion Schurich Mark Bremer Andreas Latz Mareen Witte, Donald Jenichen Gudrun Ziegler Ulrich Lenze ZDF, 2000 January 2001, ZDF
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