Humboldts Erben
Der Jäger des Killervirus


A series by Gisela Graichen

On the trail of explorer Alexander von Humboldt one discovers the secrets of a sacred mountain, searches for the origin of a deadly virus or the ruins of a lost civilization.

Der Jäger des Killervirus

In the scrub forests of Uganda and the jungles of the Congo lurks one of the most dangerous enemies of mankind: Ebola. Every two to three years the deadly virus causes a horrifying epidemic only to disappear into the bush again. Researchers are still speculating on which animal carries the Ebola virus before it once again strikes a human. Doctor and epidemiologist Matthias Borchert is tracing the killer virus and searching for its origins, as well as for survivors of recent eruptions, with the aim of detecting Ebola’s hideout and catching the so-called “host” of the virus. The film shows his encounters with magicians, gold seekers and pygmies and documents the dramatic moment when the scientist submerges into an abandoned gold mine, the possible hideout of the most virulent virus in the world.

Gisela Graichen Thomas Hies Steffen Böttrich Sergios Roth Thomas Fritsch Sven Heiligenstein Jörg Kunkel, Donald Jenichen Gudrun Ziegler Ulrich Lenze ZDF, 2002 23.03.2003, ZDF
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