Homeopathy: Gentle medicine or hocus-pocus?


Alternative medicine has been booming for years in Germany and France. In Germany 73% of all women and 48% of all men have already taken homeopathic remedies (Allensbach/2014). Also in France, homeopathy is an integral part of the health system. Some of the costs are still covered by the health insurance companies – but how long will this be the case?
Because the effect of globules and homeopathic practice is at least controversial.
The dispute between the two camps, the predominantly conventional medicine and the holistically oriented treatment of homeopathy, is inflamed again and again by the question: Does homeopathy work – and if so, how?
In the film we illuminate the pros and cons of this type of treatment with supporters and skeptics. What are homeopathic methods and how do they work? How do the health systems in Germany and France deal with homeopathy? What is the position of scientifically based conventional medicine compared to alternative medicine homeopathy?

Karlo Malmedie Frank Bergfeld, Hans Tanz Detlev Meier, Reiko Zunk, Rouven Schernikau Sven Voß LUMALENSCAPE Romy Strassenburg Stefanie Gimpel Ron Glavas Stefan Bomhof ZDF/Arte Ann-Christin Hornberger, ZDF/Arte Stralsund, Leipzig, Berlin, Heidelberg, Schopfheim, Marburg, Strasbourg, Lyon, Paris, Cologne 52 Min. 15.02.2019, 9:50 p.m., ARTE
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