Herzschlag – Die Retter


In the fourth season of the successful hospital series – since October in the new time slot, Tuesdays at 7.25pm – good entertainment is guaranteed. Old friends and new faces dominate the new episodes, which will once again feature suffering, recoveries, operations and healing. The team faces further exciting, touching and tough cases.

Chief Physician Dr. Vahrenholt (Maike Bollow), who has fallen in love with a renowned professor, wants to follow her new love abroad. Her departure (episode 7) raises the question of succession – ever-popular internist Dr. Behrens (Silvan Pierre Leirich) and the ambitious surgeon Dr. Schneider (René Schoenenberger) are on the short list. Executive Director Brantrup (Alexander Hauff) will not make this decision easy. The internist Dr. Martina Kluge (Gerit Kling) however does not only approach Dr. Behrens professionally.

Between them lies more than collegial affection, which, however, will be tested by the arrival of the new assistant doctor, Dr. Paola Forward (Astrid M. Fünderich), of whom Dr. Behrens has extremely pleasant memories since a Congress in Hamburg.

The young emergency physician Dr. Mike Reimers (Dirk Mierau) is quickly integrated into the team, but mainly works on the high seas on board a rescue cruiser of the German Maritime Rescue Service (DGzRS). But still he finds the time to engage in a fatal affair, which could possibly cost him his job. He will also be unable to prevent an accident on a cruise ship which will have fatal consequences for one of his colleagues.

While all help will come too late for Dr. Sorensen (Christoph Mory), his friend and colleague Dr. Neuhaus (Andreas Herder) stays unhurt. The feeling of guilt will have serious consequences for him.

Physiotherapist and heart-throb Marco (Mark Pfeiffer) will deal with a young woman he would probably like if she wasn’t to be his new stepmother. The nursing staff under the proven expert guidance of head nurse Hella (Judith von Radetzky) also have to deal with a few turbulences.

Happy soul Kalle (Oliver Betke) will get to know the hospital as a patient after being a victim of a serious traffic accident. His wounds will heal, yet his marriage with Heike (Jana Ibing) breaks into pieces. Secretary Peggy (Karen Friesicke) is yet again looking for the one and only love, as determined by her horoscope, while her sister Lydia (Nadine Brandt) plays with the idea of taking up her medical studies again after separating from Dr. Behrens. And nurse Imke (Aline Hochscheid) seems to recognize her skills as a model. Not only the patients but also the viewers will certainly feel in good hands again at the Husum clinic.


Luise David, Neithardt Riedel, Christoph Wortberg, Christiane Sadlo, Christian Grohmann, Lorenz Knöpfli, Karsten Biehl, Karl-Heinz Schmidt-Lauzemis, Christof Teubel Aljoscha Westermann, Sebastian Monk, Norbert Skrovanek Oliver Jakob, Peter Badel, Erich Krenek Arnold Fritzsch Gisela Gondolatsch, Yvonne Loquens, Yvonne von Bechtolsheim Silvan-Pierre Leirich, Gerit Kling, Astrid M. Fünderich, Dirk Mierau, René Schoenenberger, Andreas Herder, Maike Bollow, Judith von Radetzky, Markus Pfeiffer, Christoph Mory, Oliver Betke, Nadine Brandt, Karen Friesicke, Aline Hochscheid, Alexander Hauff Thomas Dierks Andreas Knoblauch Helmut Wietz Wolfgang Witt, ZDF Ulrich Lenze Berlin, Husum and surroundings ca. 43'30 Min. ab 5.10.1999 bis 2003, dienstags um 18.00 Uhr, ZDF
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