Geld her!


No crime is punished more severely in Germany than bank robbery – with the exception of murder. Yet people keep trying to make the dream of easy money by robbing a bank come true. This documentary series tells the story of four high-profile bank robbers in Germany. Giving background information and historic circumstances, the films portray crimes which caused a sensation at the time.

Manfred Uhlig, Tom Ockers, Gunther Scholz, Matthias Unterburg Christian Girardet Jörg Kunkel Andreas Knoblauch Dr. Thomas Schuhbauer Hans-Jürgen Börner Ulrich Lenze NDR August / September 2006 Berlin, Hamburg, München, Niedersachsen, Ukraine etc. 18.06., 25.06.,09.07.,16.07.2007 Doku 4x45 Min.
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