Gefährliche Nähe

ZDF, Arte

After completing her training at the MAD, young Peggy Bachmann is put on a precarious case. The renowned scientist, Professor Max Buchheim, who is working for the military on a secret research mission comes to results which shock him. His hesitant behaviour is observed since it is extremely hazardous biological research. The MAD decides it must observe and isolate Buchheim.

Hartmut Schoen Hartmut Schoen Peter Döttling Vessela Martschewski Eduard Krajewski Gudrun Schretzmeier Klaus Bassiner, Alexander Ollig, ZDF Dagmar Rosenbauer Hans-Michael Rehberg, Claudia Michelsen, Henry Hübchen, Tobias Moretti u.a. ZDF Juli-Sept. 2001 in Berlin und Umgebung 9./10. August 2002 / arte/ZDF
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