Almost perfectly in love


In front of the St. Pauli registry office, two very different groups of guests wait in vain for the bride and groom, Isabel Paulsen and Ivo Kordic. How could the unusual union between the naval architect and the ex-con come about at all?
Isabel, a divorced engineer, has set up a predictable life for herself and is putting all her energy into building a model ship that will rid the oceans of plastic waste. Her father Ernst needs care after a stroke, and since no household help can put up with him for long, Isabel unceremoniously hires Ivo as a caregiver and household helper, whom they meet by chance at a party. Ivo and Ernst are immediately on the same wavelength, and it doesn’t bother Isabel that she doesn’t know anything about Ivo’s life. Two worlds collide, but eventually the two fall in love. But then Ivo’s past catches up with him and Isabel learns that he was in prison for robbery. Isabel, however, has been a burned child since her divorce from Mads: has she fallen in with the wrong man again?

Birgit Maiwald, Jörg Tensing Sinan Akkus Harald Cremer Tim Stephan Dunja Campregher Sabine Pawlik Majie Pötschke Nicole Masztalerz, Sonja Engelhard Anna Slater Jürgen Janoczek Ingrid Holzapfel Thomas Schwetje Doris Büning Nina Manhercz, Tanja Bares, ZDF Hamburg June 19th - July 18th 2018 Katharina Schüttler, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Manfred Zapatka, Carolyn Genzkow, Tim Ehlert, Marita Breuer, Magdalena Helmig, Stefan Lampadius, Laurens Walter, Maik Reinhardt u. a. 5.05.2019, 8:15 p.m., ZDF
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