A risky decision


Dr. Julia Schemmel is the new CEO at the pharmaceutical company Berner & Bach, which specializes in developing drugs for niche diseases. While Julia is preparing the company’s IPO, married couple Michael and Nicole Wagner receive the sad diagnosis that their 9-year-old daughter Emily has incurable neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis.

Michael finds out that Berner & Bach has set up a drug trial in Asia that is already showing results. Supported by a well-organized media campaign, the Wagners demand a study also for German children and the release of the drug. But Julia cannot comply with the request, because if Emily were to die, for whatever reason, the investors would bail out, the research would stop, and there would be no drug to help many other young patients. But how are the Wagners supposed to sympathize with Julia’s arguments in the face of their seriously ill child? Julia comes under more and more pressure from the media and within the group. How will she decide?

Jörg Tensing Elmar Fischer Bjørn Haneld Anke Osterloh Eva Lopez Echegoyen Dirk-Teo Schäfer Matthias Beine Big Peper Thomas Schwetje Doris Büning, Dagmar Rosenbauer Esther Hechenberger ZDF Augst 4th – September 5th 2020 Berlin und Umgebung Lisa Maria Potthoff, Christian Erdmann, Annika Blendl, Jasmin Kraze, Torben Liebrecht, Tedros Teclebrhan, Urs Jucker u.v.a.
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