Eine mörderische Entscheidung

NDR, Arte

On 4 September 2009, two tank trucks were hijacked by the Taliban. The tank trucks were stuck on a river sandbank and surrounded by a large crowd of people from the nearby villages, including many women and children helping themselves to free petrol.
Assuming a gathering of hostile armed forces posing an imminent danger to his soldiers, German Colonel Klein from the field camp in Kunduz/Afghanistan – who was following events with the aid of aerial photos – commanded hesitant US pilots to carry out an air raid. As a result of this order, an estimated 140 people died. Based on unpublished documents, the film reveals the background and consequences of this operation – the biggest carried out by the German troops in Afghanistan so far.


Raymond Ley, Hannah Ley Raymond Ley Philipp Kirsamer Dirk Heuer, Resa Asarschahab Heike Parplies Matthias Brandt, Axel Milberg, Franz Dinda, Stephan Schad, Matthias Koeberlin, Vladimir Burlakov, Ludwig Trepte, Yung Ngo, Navid Akhavan, Jürgen Uter, Stephan Grossmann u.v.a Uli Krause Martin Müller, Gregor Voigt Candy Maldonado Agustin Harald Turzer, Jurek Kuttner Bruni Hannemann Jens Bartram, Bothilla Bergschmidt Marinus Haas, Harald Voss Heta Mantscheff Moritz Widmann, Jan Enderlein Kristin Siebert Hans P. Ströer Beatrice Hallenbarter, Claudia Haselhorst, Viola von Liebig (NDR) Christian Granderath (NDR), Sabine Holtgreve, Andreas Schreitmüller (Arte) Ulrich Lenze Marokko, div. Deutschland 2011/2012 NDR/Arte 08/30/2013, Arte and 09/04/2013, ARD
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