Ein ganzer Kerl für Mama


Tanja, a successful divorce lawyer is about to spend her holidays with her children Maurice and Friederike in a house by the sea. When they arrive, it turns out that the house has burned down. Angry, she turns to the broker who offers her an opulent villa as a replacement. The only problem is, they are not alone. They have to share the house with a writer who has been sent there by his publisher to finish his latest novel.

It’s the starting point of a turbulent holiday comedy around two people who could not be more contradictory.

Wiebke Jaspersen Zoltan Spirandelli Daniel Koppelkamm Magdolna Rokob Susanne Dieringer Gudrun Schretzmeier Jochen Ketschau, SAT.1 Dagmar Rosenbauer Nina Kronjäger, Jörg Schüttauf, Elena Uhlig SAT.1 Mai/Juni 2002 in Südfrankreich 01. Oktober 2002 / SAT.1
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