Ein Fall von Liebe

Degeto, MDR

Florian Faber, a successful and self-confident star lawyer wins each and every case for law firm in Leipzig and his powerful clients. Until he barely survives a traffic accident, in which the father of a family dies. Together with attractive journalist Sarah Pohl, Florian takes up the fight for the remaining family against a devious real estate company. They don’t yet know that their adversary will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Ulrich del Mestre Jorgo Papavassiliou Yvonne Tratz Raimund Vienken Sonja Strömer Majie Pötschke Ed Cantu Andrea Allroggen, Jens Bartram Bo Rosenmüller Francis Fulton Smith, Mariella Ahrens u.a. Astrid Ruppert, DEGETO
Jana Brandt, MDR
Thomas Schwetje Dagmar Rosenbauer Leipzig and surroundings 31.03.2008 - 29.04.2008 DEGETO / MDR
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