Ein Fall von Liebe – Saubermänner

Degeto, MDR

Florian Faber (Francis Fulton-Smith) serves as a lawyer for a single mother, who was hit by the car of an aspiring politician in Leipzig, who was obviously drunk. Meanwhile the journalist Sarah Pohl (Mariella Ahrens) investigates a temporary employment agency, which uses illegal, eastern European women from cleaning hotels and other buildings. Soon it is revealed that both cases are connected…

Ulrich del Mestre Jorgo Papavassiliou Yvonne Tratz Jenny Roesler Katja Pothmann Raimund Vienken Bo Rosenmüller Thomas Schwetje Moritz Hansen Jakob Krebs Dagmar Rosenbauer Astrid Ruppert, ARD DEGETO
Jana Brandt, MDR
Francis Fulton Smith, Mariella Ahrens, Peter Kremer, Vassily Kazakos, Stephan Korves, Kerstin Reimann, Susanne Bormann, Bernhard Bettermann, Michael Kind, Stephan Szász, Jannis Michel, u.a. Leipzig and surroundings 05/18/2010 - 06/18/2010 DEGETO / MDR
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