Ein Fall von Liebe – Die Serie


A less eventful return would have been fine with her: journalist Sarah Pohl (Mariella Ahrens) is arrested at the airport. Lawyer Florian Faber (Francis Fulton-Smith) graciously declines the offer to represent her in court. Since their separation two years ago, Florian does not want Sarah to step into his life again. Eva Sternberg (Kristin Meyer), Florian’s law firm partner, takes over Sarah’s case, which makes her yet again an ever-present topic in Florian’s life. Step by step, Florian gets roped into the case of his former partner, which initially seems absurd to him. The accusations against Sarah can only be an intrigue or the result of a misunderstanding. Or maybe not? Sarah doesn’t play with open cards and only lets Florian into the truth bit by bit. But Florian hasn’t been honest with Sarah either. Eva Sternberg is not only his office partner – the two have been married for two years and have a child together…

Hannes Treiber, Felix Binder, Sue und Wilfried Schwerin von Krosigk, Thomas Brückner, Anke Winschewski und Nils Holle, Regine Bielefeldt und Susanne Wiegand Sascha Thiel, Frauke Thielecke, Oliver Dommenget Markus Hausen, Christian Klopp, Jakob Ebert, Georgij Pestov Martin Witte Bo Rosenmüller Katja Pothmann Jenny Roesler Ines Bluhm, Andrea Dettmer Big Peper Thomas Dierks Jakob Krebs Dagmar Rosenbauer Jana Brandt, Johanna Kraus ARD March to September 2014 Leipzig and surroundings Francis Fulton-Smith, Mariella Ahrens, Kristin Meyer, Holger Handtke, Remo Schulze a.o.
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