Ein Fall von Liebe – Annas Baby


Successful lawyer Florian Faber (Francis Fulton-Smith) has to accept a great defeat in court. During the trial of an instant dismissal against his client Max Siebert, he realizes that Max hasn’t been honest with him when a witness changes her testimony. Now Max has to pay for his false statement: not only does he lose his job as a driver, his pregnant girlfriend Anna leaves him as well. While Florian helps Max look for Anna, his partner Sarah Pohl (Mariella Ahrens), a journalist working for a newspaper in Leipzig, is made head of department. She is occupied with a new story. She thinks that Max’s boss Penkalla is using dubious methods. It seems like he is spying on his employees. Yet it will be difficult and quite dangerous to prove it.

Ulrich del Mestre Jorgo Papavassiliou Yvonne Tratz Oliver Lanvermann Susanne Abel Martina Teepe Juri Gregan Sonja Fischer-Zeyen, Sylvia Ribback Bo Rosenmüller Big Peper Jakob Krebs Dagmar Rosenbauer Diane Wurzschmitt, ARD Degeto Jana Brandt, MDR Francis Fulton-Smith, Mariella Ahrens, Julia Jäger, Peter Kremer, Vassily Kazakos, Stephan Korves, Kerstin Reimann, et al. Leipzig and surroundings November to December 2012 DEGETO / MDR 23.10.2014, ARD
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