Ein Dorf sucht seinen Mörder


Kathi (15) and Tina (16) live in the 300-strong village Eichenried in Lower Bavaria and attend the same school in the district town. The two unequal girls have little in common.
While Kathi is seen as an open, still childish but blunt and fearless girl, the precocious Tina lives strangely withdrawn.
Although they don’t have much in common, it seems that there is some sympathy between them and one day Tina asks Kathi whether she knows a doctor who carries out abortions.
In the evening, the annual Firemen’s Ball takes place in Eichenried. While Kathi helps out in a high-necked dirndl as a waitress, Tina provokes the villagers with a deep decolletéed dress and a cheeky attitude. The alcohol flows like water, and with it the inhibitions fall. Tina flirts shamelessly with Kathi’s stepfather Tom, who is unpopular in the village as a non-local. Confused, Kathi watches as her stepfather follows Tina outside. On the morning after the party, Tina is found dead. Superintendent Brennecke from the county town is unimpressed by the seemingly idyllic village and examines the facts. Tina’s autopsy states that she had sexual intercourse shortly before her death and was pregnant. But her last lover is not the father of her child. Kathi, shocked by the news confronts her stepfather Tom. Although she doesn’t believe he killed Tina, she forces him to admit his infidelity to her mother and to face the authorities. Kathi’s mother reacts by sacking Tom – a move which Kathi cannot accept. In desperation, she seeks counsel with a neighbouring attorney, not knowing that he had an affair with Tina and is the father of her unborn child. When all male villagers are asked to undergo a DNA test, the previously safe world of Eichenried is put into disarray. At the end of this tragedy, nothing is as it was before, even though daily life goes on. And Kathi has developed into a young adult.

Norbert Eberlein Markus Imboden Jo Heim Kerstin Kroemer Andreas Knoblauch Ulrich Lenze Daniel Blum, ZDF 90 Min. Anna Brüggemann, Claudia Messner, Kai Scheve, Josef Bierbichler, Isabella Jantz, Thomas Schmauser, Monika Baumgartner, Wolfgang Hübsch, Werner Zeussel, Elmar Wepper, Thomas Feist, Marion Mathol, Helmfried v. Lüttichau, Helmut König, Michael Hanneman u.v.a. 15.04.2002, ZDF
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