Geschichte im Ersten: Dutschke – Shots from the Right


On April 11, 1968, an assassination attempt is made on Rudi Dutschke in West Berlin. He is regarded as the spokesman and symbolic figure of the student movement. Dutschke survived the shooting, seriously injured, and the assassination triggered the greatest political unrest in the still young Federal Republic. In the docudrama “Dutschke – Shots from the Right,” award-winning authors Cordt Schnibben and Peter Dörfler show how West German society was divided at the time and how this division set in motion a spiral of violence that culminated in the assassination attempt on Dutschke. The death of the student Benno Ohnesorg, who was shot by a policeman during a demonstration on June 2, 1967, marked the turning point.

Until now, Rudi Dutschke was seen as the victim of an egotistical, criminal loner. The authors now provide a new look at the assassination here. The assassin Josef Bachmann sympathized with the neo-Nazi scene in Peine, Lower Saxony, and took part in shooting practice there. He obtained pistols and ammunition from the right-wing radical group’s arms dealer and used them to carry out attacks on the inner-German border.

“Dutschke – Shooting from the Right” documents how the underestimation of right-wing terrorism shaped the work of the police and courts even back then. Based on previously unknown archive material and unevaluated files, the film describes how Bachmann, the assassin, moved in the militant neo-Nazi scene in the period before the attempted murder of Rudi Dutschke.

In addition to contemporary witnesses such as Knut Nevermann, Rainer Langhans, Stefan Aust, Barbara Sichtermann, Peter Wensierski, Thomas Giefer, Gretchen Dutschke and Bahman Nirumand, Rudi Dutschke himself provides the most important description of his person. With numerous original scenes and from diary entries and speeches, the authors vividly distill his view of the events that led to the shooting of him over the course of a year.

Geschichte im Ersten: „Dutschke – Shots from the Right“ is available until February 1st 2021 in the ARD Mediathek.

Peter Dörfler, Cordt Schnibben Peter Dörfler Mathias Schöningh Sebastian Ehrig, Immanuel Hick, Stefan Birnbaum Frank Bubenzer Anna Bauer, Doris Junker Peter Dörfler Ron Glavas Katinka Seidt, Stefan Bomhof Dagmar Rosenbauer NDR/RBB Eric Friedler, Silke Schütze, Rolf Bergmann
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