Dulces Zwiespalt – Mexikos weibliche Söhne


Of all the places in the world, it is Mexico, the land of the “Machismo”, where one can find a city where women are sitting – as the saying goes – in the driver’s seat. It is here that you will find the Muxe, men in the role of women, a third sex that is not only accepted by society but worshipped. This documentary gives an insight into the exceptional everyday life of the Muxes in a matriarchal country and a zapotec city.

Carmen Butta Florian Pfeiffer Andrea Detmer Tarja Kühne Britta Lehnert Jörg Kunkel Dr. Sunna Altnöder Ulrich Lenze ZDF / Arte Ann-Christin Hornberger Juchitán de Zaragoza and surroundings, Mexiko 17.04.2014 Documentary, 1 x 44 Min. October – November 2013
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