Drohnenkrieg – Tod aus der Luft


The Federal Government is preparing to buy combat drones. This movie attempts to paint a comprehensive picture what this means in concrete terms for Germany.

This movie carefully approaches the subject, focusing on a personal and emotional point of view, accompanying US drone pilots in their everyday lives, giving a voice to family members of drone strike victims as well as international policitcal and military decision makers.

Mona Botros Andre Böhm, Sven Kiesche, Boris Mahlau, Richard Gammons, Torbjörn Karvang Marcel Mertens Jörg Kunkel Dr. Sunna Altnöder, Stefan Bomhof Ulrich Lenze ZDFzeit Roman Beuler (ZDFzeit), Christian Deick (ZDFzeit), Udo Frank (ZDFzeit) Germany, USA, Israel 27.07.2015, 23.50 Uhr, ZDF Summer 2013 Documentary, 1 x 45 min.
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