Die Zeit der Kraniche


Amidst the loneliness of the Lower Havel Flatlands, one of Germany’s last bird resorts, 12-year-old Lea lives with her father Lutz, a passionate environmentalist. Lea’s mother left both of them without any explanation shortly after giving birth, a traumatic loss that still impacts the lives of both father and daughter. On one of their crane-watching excursions through the woods, they find a new born baby.

They save the child, and this experience deeply shakes their lives, especially when a frightened young woman – the child’s mother – shows up at their home. Seeking shelter, obviously troubled, and still guilty. While an investigation runs its course in the neighbouring villages, spreading unease among the villagers, the old wound in Lea’s life breaks open again, and she faces the question that has been bothering her ever since: why did my mother not want me?

Silke Zertz Josh Broecker Eckhard Jansen Ed Cantu Susanne Bergner, Karin Harigae Helmut Ignaz Meyer Erik Rüffler Simone Bär Bernhard Schir, Stella Kunkat, Floriane Daniel, Manfred Zapatka, Alice Dwyer, Wolfgang-Maria Bauer, Doris Schretzmayer u.a. Thomas Schwetje Moritz Hansen Jakob Krebs Dagmar Rosenbauer Jana Brandt, MDR
Katharina Schenk, ORF
Havelberg and surroundings 6. Oktober - 5. November 2009
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