Die Wahrheit über Franco – Spain’s forgotten dictatorship

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What do we know about Spain’s heritage, about Franco’s regime? There are still many unanswered questions about the Spanish civil war and the four decades of Franco’s dictatorship. Based on the latest research findings, this five-part series presents a more nuanced view of the Franco era and uses elements such as the graphic novel to make history even more comprehensible.

20:15 Der Aufstieg zur Macht
21:00 Das neue Regime
21:45 Stunde Null
22:30 Die bleierne Zeit

Ina Kessebohm, Klaus Kastenholz, Isabel Andrés Oliver Kratz, Erik Haasdonk, Laurent Oversteyns Lydia Mutschmann Jens Greuner, Guillermo Cobo, Matthias Frey, Konrad Buschke Ron Glavas Lars Löhn, Felix Raffel Henning Tietz, Kerstin Welther Petra Konradi Andrea Mokosch, Stefan Bomhof Dagmar Rosenbauer Christian Deick, Dr. Michael Gries, Susanne Krause-Klinck, ZDFinfo Documentary/ 4x43 + 5x52min. ZDF Sept./Oct. 2016 a. Sept./Oct. 2017 Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin a.o. 5x43' /52'min 4x43 min 17/11/14, ZDF infor
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