Die vierte Gewalt

NDR / Arte

Jan Schulte is a journalist who has seen better days. His long-time employer is bankrupt and he has lost his job as a foreign correspondent. Facing life as a single parent and trying to make it as a political journalist in Berlin, he gets hold of leaked information on a scandal in the Ministry of Health. Die vierte Gewalt tells the story of power and its abuse – but is also a tale of journalism, opinion making and human fallibility.

Jochen Bitzer Brigitte Maria Bertele Ngo The Chau David J. Rauschning Andreas Olshausen Carsten Arnolds Cornelia Streiter Andrea Allroggen, Franziska Knoll Bo Rosenmüller Katinka Seidt Holger Heinßen Dr. Georg Feil, Dagmar Rosenbauer Christian Granderath (NDR), Christoph Pellander (NDR) Berlin and surrounding area 06.10. – 06.11.2015 Benno Fürmann, Franziska Weisz, Jördis Triebel, Oliver Masucci, Nicole Mercedes Müller, Victoria Trauttmansdorff, Devid Striesow, Ulrich Matthes u.a. NDR / Arte 26.8.2016, Arte und 30.11.16, ARD
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