Die Todesengel


Male nurse Stephan L. is confronted with an outrageous allegation: the killing of 29 patients at Sonthofen hospital. The public is repeatedly shaken by crimes such as this one. Nobody suspects a perpetrator among those responsible for medical treatment, care and healing. Because it is considered unthinkable, nurses have been able to kill almost unnoticed. Early warnings were almost always ignored.Stephan L. in Sonthofen was able to mix his deadly cocktails unnoticed because there was no control and because doctors did not feel the need to order a review or an autopsy. Professionally, a natural death is always certified.Male nurse Wolfgang L., who killed ten people in 1990, speaks openly about his motives in front of the camera for the first time. The documentary shows: perpetrators are mostly non-assertive people fighting to get the attention of others. The negligence of hospitals, negligent or missing autopsies and a growing ignorance in society make the killing easy. The case of Stephen L. will not be the last.

Matthias Franck Mathias Schöningh Marc Lorat Dennis Karsten Jörg Kunkel Dr. Thomas Schuhbauer Ulrich Lenze, Cinecentrum GmbH Werner Grave, NDR, Ulrike Leutheusser, BR 09.02.2006, ARD
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