die story – Die Bundeswehr im Wandel (wt)

in production /NDR

The German army (Bundeswehr) has become a globally active force in the international fight against terrorism and the challenge of a new Eastern-European threat.
Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen continues to drive this realignment, even though new demands are growing: new facilities, comfortable working conditions, compatibility of family life and career, successfully attracting new recruits, entrepreneurial thinking and dealing with arms agreements. The film asks: How ready is the German Bundeswehr really? Is the force prepared to face challenges like European crises or international terrorism?

Djamila Benkhelouf, Nino Seidel Andrzej Król, Ion Casado, Dieter Stürmer, René Schröter Augusto Castellano, Thomas Ballschmieter, Paul Paulun, Sascha Kiesewetter Imke Koseck Martin Glos, Christian Ziegler Ron Glavas Stefan Bomhof Barbara Biemann, NDR 45 Min. 25.09.2017, um 22:45 Uhr , ARD
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