The Godfathers from Russia


In March 2016 a car explodes in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The driver, a convicted drug dealer, is immediately dead. It quickly becomes clear that this was not an accident. The car bombing was planned. It was an act of revenge by a competitor in the highly competitive drug market, who immediately after the crime set off for Russia. A detonated car bomb in the middle of Berlin makes the media speculate wildly. They speak of organized crime, more precisely of the Russian mafia, the so-called “thieves in law”. The fact is that the criminal elite from Russia controls Russian-Eurasian organized crime in Germany, which causes damage running into the billions every year. But who are these “thieves in law” anyway?

“The Godfathers from Russia” is available in the ZDF Mediathek until November 6th 2021.

Klaus Fiedler Frank Bochtler Miriam Peter Julia Goschke Ron Glavas Stefan Bomhof Susanne Krause-Klinck, Christian Deick, Evgenia Ploch, ZDF ZDF various 1x 45 Min. 17.06.2020, 21:00 Uhr, ZDFinfo
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