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“Jacke, Weste, Hose, passt”:
Tradition auf drei Stockwerken


1931 Gotthard Policke opened the gentlemen’s outfitters of the same name in the Böckmannstraße in St. Georg.

The store is something of an institution in Hamburg for decades now. Generations bought their suits here. Thanks to the shop assistants and the very special Policke charm, 99 % of the customers leave the shop with full shopping bags.

Even the new owner Carsten Bruchhard sticks to the shop’s main principles which are to never sell women’s clothing and to never go online.

At Policke they concentrate on their core business which is to sell directly and face-to-face to the customer, earthy and still Hanseatic.

Jan Peter Gehrckens Tim Boehme Markus Kästner, Jörg Berge Tim Boehme Moritz Widmann Dr. Sunna Altnöder Jörg Kunkel Birgit Schanzen (NDR) Ulrich Lenze NDR 01/06/2014
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