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Hamburg – Sylt:
Mit dem Frachtsegler unterwegs


The 39-year old captain Torben Hass fulfilled his childhood dream: to make a living from a sailing ship. “I was always close to the water. Even as a child I was sailing on a dinghy on the river Elbe.” Later he served as a navy officer on the ship “Gorch Fock” and as a captain he steered tank ships across the world. He finally found his professional fulfillment with his gaff schooner “UNDINE” which is the only commercial sailing freighter on North and Baltic Sea. Since March 2013 he operates on the traditional route from Hamburg to the Island Sylt two times a week.

Susanne Abel Kay Andersson, Michael Koschmieder Tarja Kühne, Tilo Burmeister Karen Tonne Moritz Widmann Tim Carlberg (NDR) Dr. Sunna Altnöder Jörg Kunkel Birgit Schanzen (NDR) Ulrich Lenze NDR 08/26/2013
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