Die Nordreportage: One on the bell – The tower clock professionals


A contemplative Christmas season – that never really happens for Nicole Timmann and her team. Advent is high season. The master watchmakers from the Vier- und Marschlanden ensure that the bells of the north always announce the good news on time. “Iversen Demier” is one of the oldest handicraft enterprises in Hamburg and is responsible for more than 800 clocks in churches, town halls, swimming pools and offices throughout northern Germany.
The Nordreportage accompanies the clock professionals through the strenuous winter business in December. In a spectacular action, the team installs four bells weighing several tons in a church tower in Celle. But that is by no means enough. After that, the maintenance of the clockworks in Hamburg’s four main churches – St. Jakobi, St. Michaelis, St. Katharinen and St. Marien – is also on the schedule this year. In her workshop, Nicola is still restoring and gilding the huge clock face and hands of the Christuskirche in Wandsbek before everything has to be reinstalled in time for Christmas. A real marathon for Nicola and her team on which we get exciting insights into the impressive clock technology of old and new times and can enjoy rare views over the roofs of the Hanseatic city.

Sabine Engel Jasper Engel Sven Voß Stefanie Gimpel Ron Glavas Lars Hering Stefan Bomhof NDR Birgit Schanzen 30 Min. 28.12.2020, 6:15 p.m., NDR
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