die nordreportage: Schönheitskur für eine alte Dame – Die Rickmer Rickmers in der Werft


The hisoric boat “Rickmer Rickmers” belongs to the major sights of Hamburg as much as the „Michel“, or the „Elbphilarmonie“. The “green lady” experienced a lot in it’s 120 years. But the ship is rusting and the shrouds and masts and the wooden deck are rotting, the lashing is decrepit. The three-master has to go to the Blohm+Voss shipyard and needs to be renewed. The men have 4 weeks and 1.9 Mio Euros to make that happen. It’s not a lot but boatswains, ship’s engineers and shipyard workers accept that challenge together.

Christina Krätzig Christina Krätzig Boris Mahlau Jochen C. Müller Sven Heiligenstein Andrea Mokosch Birgit Schanzen, NDR Hamburg 09/26/2016 06:15 pm NDR
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