Die Nordreportage: pest controllers (AT)

Whether rats, mice or insects – Dennis Kalff takes on any animal pest. He never knows exactly what to expect during the course of the day. “Anything can happen. Some people exaggerate excessively when they contact us and I am sent out.”
Kalff is a third generation pest controller. Already his grandfather Kurt and his father Norbert went on a pest hunt and killed some cockroaches. Depending on the season, he hunts more than 20 different crawling, flying pest species, including cat fleas, bedbugs, bacon beetles and bread beetles. In summer wasps, hornets and flies – but also rodents like rats.
“I love my job! I drive the whole day through the most amazing city in the world and look behind the scenes at interesting places that hardly anyone else sees,” says Dennis himself. Whether in a women’s prison, on a container ship or in a brothel – everywhere people are happy when he comes and relieved when he leaves.

Julia Schwenn tba Jochen C. Müller Andrea Mokosch Ron Glavas NDR Birgit Schanzen, NDR 30 Min.
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