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“Rettet den Leuchtturm”


Among captains it’s called the “small red one”. The 26-foot lighthouse on the Elbe Island Pagensand. After 80 years it fell out of use recently. Thanks to Rainer Thönnessen and his colleagues from the museum harbour “Övelgonne” it has been preserved nevertheless. They will dismantle it, restore it and mount it back up at Neumühlener beach. But at first the lighthouse goes to Blohm&Voss where it will be restored. It is going to get to his new location in fall of 2015, where it should stand for at least the next 80 years.

Veit Bentlage Andreas Stonawski Stefan Szczuka Sven Heiligenstein Stefan Bomhof Dagmar Rosenbauer Birgit Schanzen (NDR) NDR Hamburg 11/23/2015
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