die nordreportage – Der Fahrradmafia auf der Spur


More than 15.000 bikes get stolen in Hamburg every year. Criminal gangs are responsible for many of the thefts. They use mini vans to collect bikes in a targeted manner and take them to Eastern Europe afterwards. The special police commission “Bike”, which was established in 2016, confirmed that suspicion. Their latest success was just recently in April 2017 when they recovered about 2000 stolen bikes in an industrial building.

But this successful raid also means a huge administrative act: The special commission has to check every bike, take a picture, compare the frame number with their database and respond to the many requests by people who hope to get their stolen bike back. It’s not an easy task for the policemen and Chief Inspector Frank Fürst, because at the same time they have to investigate all the new cases.

They are present at various flea markets which are typical trading centres for stolen goods. They inform bike owners in their special “Infomobil” about how they can protect their property. Although they work really hard, there is growing evidence that the criminal gangs already preparing for their next coup.

The special police commission is fighting a battle, they can never really win. “die nordreportage” follows the special investigators on their hunt for thieves and also shows how to protect a bike from being stolen.

Christina Krätzig Boris Mahlau, Andreas Stonawski Jochen C. Müller Lydia Mutschmann Ron Glavas Birgit Schanzen Andrea Mokosch, Nina Steinert 09/18/2017 6:15 pm NDR
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