die nordreportage: Die Bojenmänner – Frühjahrsputz im Hamburger Hafen


They are like the caretakers of the port of Hamburg: the men of the harbour authority in Finkenwerder. Seven days a week, and if needed at night, they work behind the scenes to ensure traffic flows smoothly on the water. They can get into every corner with their tugs and barges: they dredge the harbour basin, fish waste and driftwood out of the water and maintain the embankments. But most of all they maintain around 500 navigation signs around the harbour.

Christina Krätzig Boris Mahlau, Andreas Stonawski Ulrich Skalicki Patrick Benze u.a. Sven Heiligenstein Stefan Bomhof Dagmar Rosenbauer Birgit Schanzen (NDR)
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