die nordreportage: To the Golden Glove


The loudspeakers fill the air with “Imagine” from the Beatles, in the dim corner they drink bottled Holsten, a couple smooches at the bar. It is noon on a Tuesday and the beer is running in the “Goldener Handschuh” (The Golden Glove) in St. Pauli. Jörn Nürnberg, 59, is the innkeeper here and stands in front of the tap, just like his father before him. On a normal weekday, there is little rush, with natives, Kiez workers and neighbors stopping by. But since the so-called “Honka place” became famous, groups of visitors enter the bar to listen to horror stories about Fritz Honka, the woman killer who committed his monstrous deeds in the 1970s. Jörn says that his father never particularly liked the regular guest “Fiete” Honka. The reportage plunges deep into the St. Pauli neighbourhood and shows the old Kiez, beyond the glittering tourist craze.

Veit Bentlage Boris Mahlau Frank Gautier, Arthur Weissgerber Jochen C. Mülller Stefanie Gimpel Ron Glavas Andrea Mokosch Stefan Bomhof NDR Birgit Schanzen, NDR 30 mins 30.03.2020, 18:15 Uhr, NDR
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