Die Nordreportage: Fishing alarm in Hamburg

in Production NDR

Fishing is a trendy sport in northern Germany. The World Streetfishing Event in Hamburg with several hundred participants is the best proof of this. But only very few Hamburgers know exactly what kind of fish actually live in the waters right under their noses – and especially not how big they can grow. But this is about much more than just a few anglers competing with their rods to catch the biggest fish. We accompany the organizer Mike Brüggen and the competitors through a social weekend all over Hamburg and experience how anglers from all over the world combine creativity, environmental protection and the love of fishing. Through the eyes of the anglers, we get to know our Alster and Elbe in a completely different way and see fish catches on these days in places in Hamburg where otherwise only people with leather briefcases walk by.

Joop Wösten Valentin van Riswyck Stefanie Gimpel Ron Glavas Lars Hering Stefan Bomhof NDR Birgit Schanzen, NDR 30 Min. 21.07.2021, NDR
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