Die Nordreportage: Blocked and Secured – Construction Site Alarm in Hamburg (AT)

New roads, new cycle lanes, new footpaths – every day a new beacons and mega jams! The building-site-madness does not tear off in Hamburg, but lets drivers despair daily and residents curse – except family Luckau in Rahlstedt. While there is nothing left on Hamburg’s streets, the telephone in her family business VVL is no longer at a standstill. For 18 years, Erich (57) and Cortina (51) have been renting out signs, traffic lights and the red-and-white barriers that drive motorists all over the city crazy.
40 cents rent costs one beacon per day, for which Erich even invented a car wash and applied for a patent. A warning light on top of that another 40 cents. The running meter plastic barrier 20 cents. “At that time we started with nothing in our living room and wanted to have five employees – today there are 30 employees,” says Cortina proudly. The trend is rising because the Hamburg construction boom makes it possible.

Veit Bentlage tba Jochen C. Müller Andrea Mokosch Ron Glavas NDR Birgit Schanzen, NDR 30 Min.
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