Die Nacht der großen Flut


The Hamburg floods of 1962 left 315 dead and 10,000 people homeless. Particularly affected were the “little people” in the areas near the Elbe that were living in so-called “temporary homes” who were surprised by the waters in their sleep. The scenes of the documentary drama are interwoven with documentary footage and the accounts of eyewitnesses, including Helmut Schmidt, who was the Home Secretary of Western Germany at the time and many families who were fighting for their lives in February 1962. This documentary tries to give an accurate and authentic reconstruction of the events.

Raymond Ley Raymond Ley Martin Gressmann Andreas Pitann Tina Freitag Hans P. Ströer Bruni Hannemann Erik Rüffler Michael Wagner Moritz Hansen Ulrike Dotzer, Hans-Jürgen Börner, Rainer Markgraf Ulrich Lenze Christiane Paul, Florian Lukas, Ulrich Tukur (als Helmut Schmidt), Tom Jahn, Sabine Urig, Arndt Schweringer–Sohnrey NDR/Arte mit Fördermitteln der MSH, Filmförderung Hamburg und Nordmedia Fonds GmbH Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein und Niedersachen 14. März - 18. April 2005 28.10.05, 20.45 Uhr, arte
04.11.05, 21.45 Uhr, ARD
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