Die Machtergreifung


How did Hitler usurp power in Germany? Early in 1933, it was far from certain that the Nazis would remain in power for long and would be supported by the people. It was not Hitler’s charisma, but cunning, violence, and propaganda that paved the way to national power.

The second part of this series examines the exploitation of the Reichstag fire in 1933. With the aid of newly discovered sources, Hitler’s methods of abolishing democracy are being re-examined and retraced.

Florian Huber, Peter Hartl and Klaus–Peter Wolf, Peter Adler and Alexander Berkel Nils Willbrandt (scen.), Florian Huber (doc.) Dirk Heuer Jochen C. Müller Malgorzata Zacharska Marek Warszewski Michael C. Wagner, Jacek Gaczkowski Moritz Hansen Thomas Schuhbauer Stefan Mausbach Guido Knopp Ulrich Lenze Poland 17.03.2009 ZDF
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