Die Liebe kommt selten allein


Eva (Thekla Carola Wied) leads an orderly, style-conscious life without husband or children. Since the death of her husband a few years ago, Eva prefers to be alone. But then a group of teenagers destroy her little shop where she sold handmade picture frames. And so, unexpectedly, a blunt painter, a lonely commissioner and a 16-year-old boy step into her life and start messing up Eva’s orderly world. But soon Eva rediscovers her lust for life.

Norbert Eberlein Jan Ruzicka Simone Bär Michael Tötter Matthias Klemme Marion Stets Marion Greiner Moritz Hansen Doris Büning Dagmar Rosenbauer 21. September - 25. Oktober 2004 Berlin Degeto Thekla Carola Wied, Florian Martens, Peter Sattmann, Kirsten Block, Tamara Rohloff, Frank Leo Schröder, Tobias Retzlaff, Laura-Charlotte Syniawa, Maxime Foerste u.a. 31. August 2006, 20.15 Uhr, ARD
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