Die großen Kriminalfälle – Dagobert, der Kaufhauserpresser


Arno Funke blackmails the Karstadt group between 1988 to 1994 and gets hold of several hundred thousand Deutsche Mark. Known by the nickname “Scrooge”, he is the most popular criminal in the time after German reunification. His ingenuity, which he uses to plan money transfers, and the chutzpah he uses to play tricks on the police impress many. Apart from blatant public sympathy for the blackmailer and the pleasure taken in observing the police struggle, the offender’s complex personality makes this a unique criminal case in German history.

Sven Ihden Sven Ihden, Roland May Patrick Popov Alan Rexroth Jörg Kunkel Dr. Thomas Schuhbauer Andreas Knoblauch Ulrich Lenze Gerolf Karwath Berlin, Hamburg and others February - April 2007 SWR SWR, 2007
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