Die Bombe


“If we do not act right now, we will enter a new nuclear age: more dangerous, more challenging to the soul, and financially much more taxing than the Cold War.” When a man like Henry Kissinger utters such a sentence, it needs to be taken seriously. Claus Kleber and Angela Andersen have been assessing the dimension of this new danger and looking for ways to avoid it. This documentary charts their many meetings and talks on the bazar and at the universities of Islamabad and Tehran, with think tanks in Jerusalem and Washington, with military leaders in Russia, Israel and the United States, on trips to Libya, Brazil and Japan, and in talks with those responsible in the German Chancellor’s office.

Die Bombe
Rückkehr der atomaren Bedrohung
29.07.2009, 22.45 Uhr, ZDF

Die Bombe
Atomwaffen außer Kontrolle
30.07.2009, 22.45 Uhr, ZDF

Die Bombe
Wege aus dem Wahnsinn
02.08.2009, 23.30 Uhr, ZDF

Angela Andersen und Claus Kleber Angela Andersen Jürgen Rapp, Naftali Larish Resa Asarschahab, Philipp Terstappen Walter Freund Nils Kacirek Mediaturns Sonja von Behrens, Kristin Siebert, Alexis Ward, Irit Gal, Hans-Günther Krauth, Fuyuko Nishisato, James J. McIntyre Oliver Thränert Moritz Widmann, Sven Heiligenstein, Stefan Hoffmann, Jörg Kunkel, Carsten Claus (ZDF) Thomas Schuhbauer Ulrich Lenze Claudia Ruete Hamburg, Berlin, Moscow, Engels, Plesetzk, Washington, New York, Malmstrom/Montana, Libya, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, Brazil, Japan 2008 - 2009 ZDF
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