Die andere Frau


Ivonne visits an unknown woman, Vera, in prison. She has received a letter from this Vera saying that her husband was unfaithful and that she could tell her the truth. Ivonne, who has no idea, is about to find out about an enormous betrayal that will affect her whole life: her husband was a so-called “Stasi romeo” who served his country while betraying his wife and family in the GDR with Vera, using her as a major collaborator in the Foreign Office in Bonn.

The film reflects on the methodology of the Stasi romeos and the way three lives are determined by it: the spy out of love, the wife and romeo himself. Being confronted with such an illusion, the emotional entanglements and each very different efforts to face the revelation of a decade-long double life form the center of the film. No political thriller, but an emotionally gripping story is told. The drama that takes place between the three protagonists, is a play about love, betrayal and lies.

Pamela Katz Margarethe von Trotta Martin Langer Gudrun Roscher Corinna Dietz Michael Busch Marion Boegel Nanni Gebhardt-Seele, Stephanie Hilke Thomas Schwetje Andreas Knoblauch Dagmar Rosenbauer Katja De Bock, WDR 88'30 Min. Barbara Auer, Barbara Sukowa, Stefan Kurt u.a. 14.01.2004, ARD
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